Clubs And Tables

12ft by

Club Game Subject Table Size Game Type
Warhog Glasgow Essen (1945) 12ft by 6ft Demonstration
Omelasz Models Static Display 8ft by ft Demonstration
Aberdeen Wargames Club

Martian Invasion (1937)

8ft by 4ft Demonstration
Angus Wargames Club Dropfleet Commander 6ft by 4ft Participation
Dunfermline Wargames Club

Maloyaroslavets (1812) and Thapsus (46BC)

12ft by 4ft Demonstration
East Kilbride Warlords NW Frontier (1876) 6ft by 4ft
East Neuk Irregulars The Anglo-Iraq War (1941) 6ft by 4ft Participation
Falkirk District Wargames Club Coastal Command 8ft by 4ft Demonstration
Glasgow Games Group Flames of War (WWII North Africa) and Relic Knights (Sci Fi) 8ft by 6ft Participation
Gourock Wargames Association Franco Prussian War (1870) 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Iron Brigade Back of Beyond 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Leuchars Veterans “Fury” 6ft by 6ft (plus space for stands) Participation
Oldmeldrum Wargames Group Battle of Barra (1306) 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Perth Independent Modellers Display of Models 8ft by 4ft Display
Phoenix Wargames Club Ramillies 12ft by 6ft Demonstration
Seb Games Battle Havoc 4ft by 4ft Participation
South East Scotland Wargames Club Nazi Moonbases 6ft by 4ft Participation
The Wargames Society of Contemptible B******S Hundred Years War 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Tradeston American War of Independence 6ft by 4ft +