Clubs And Tables

Club Game Subject Table Size Game Type
Aberdeen Wargames Club Bolt Action 6ft by 4ft Participation
Angus Wargames Club Dropfleet Commander 6ft by 4ft Participation
Dunfermline Wargames Club Command & Colours – Ancient Command & Colours – Napoleonic 10ft by 4ft Demonstration
East Neuk Irregulars Indonesia 1962-66 – Britain’s Secret War 6ft by 4ft Participation
Falkirk District Wargames Club Lord of the Rings 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Glasgow Games Group Dropzone Commander Dropfleet Commander 6ft by 4ft 6ft by 4ft Participation
Gourock Wargames Association WWII 15mm 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Iron Brigade English Civil War 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Leuchars Veterans Custer’s Last Stand 6ft by 6ft (plus space for stands) Participation
Oldmeldrum Wargames Group Seven Years War (using Honours of War) 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Perth Independent Modellers Display of Models 8ft by 4ft Display
Reiver Wargames 1916 Ireland 8ft by 6ft Demonstration
Reiver Wargames Club (Gala) Granicus 8ft by 4ft Demo/Participation
Seb Games Battle Havoc 4ft by 4ft Demonstration
South East Scotland Wargames Club Indian Mutiny (using Sharp Practice) 6ft by 4ft (plus extra table) Participation
The Wargames Society of Contemptible B******S Lord of the Isles 28mm 8ft by 6ft Participation
The Geek Room Marvel Miniatures or 7TV 4ft by 4ft Participation
Tony Wilson D & P 4ft by 4ft Participation
Warhog Glasgow Omaha Beach 8ft by 6ft (plus extra table) Demonstration